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A wedding reception is a must, but what if you are on a tight budget? Of course, a wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you would want it to happen with enough pomp and gaiety. Even when a wedding reception can be a costly affair, a few tips here can be helpful in holding your event on budget.  Few tips here should be helpful in that context.

Pick an affordable venue

The venue for the wedding or the wedding reception is the most expensive part of your budgetary allowance. Picking the low-cost venue can be what would make it one of the best options that you would want to go with. There are a few of the options that you can hire. A park, a beach and affordable halls can be a few of the best options that you can go with.

Check out the alternatives for reception food

After the venue, the next expensive item on your wedding budget would be the food. You can perhaps check out the options for the non-traditional and affordable food options at your reception. The best option here can be opting for Potluck. This involves asking gusts to bring their own variety of food. This may need a wide lot of planning well in advance.

The decoration

The decoration is yet another area that may need attention. You do have a good number of alternatives to one of the best wedding reception decorations. Pick the flowers that belong to the local and seasonal variety. Instead of the fluorescent lights, you may use lanterns. Bowls of fruits and vegetables is yet another great option that can prove to be handy enough in providing a good sort of decoration.

The Music

The music is perhaps something that you cannot avoid in a wedding ceremony or even in a wedding reception. A few good ways that can prove to be helpful in arranging the music carefully can include opting for a live performance by a local band. You may also ask your music enthusiast friend to help out with the music options. You can perhaps source the music equipment from your friends as well.

The Transportation

The wedding transportation for the reception may not be as extravagant as the wedding itself. But it isn’t extremely affordable one either. If you have your wedding location and reception locations are close together, it may be a great idea to hire the same service for both the occasions. Service providers of wedding limo in Toronto do offer you access to an outstanding service quality. You can hire them for an extended period and get good deals and discounts as well.

Those were a few of the options that can be helpful in helping you arrange the wedding reception in a more positive manner. There are several ways that can be helpful in arriving at the best possible options in arriving at the excellent choice. opt for the best options and enjoy your wedding reception in the best possible manner!

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