Can we get free electricity?

Active Kinetic 1

To stop using fossil fuels, we need free energy to exist. Free energy is the energy available in a system to do useful work.  Active Kinetic 1, as the name suggests, has developed a technology to produce more energy than currently available from some energy sources and this is Free energy. The cutting edge technology is new to the world of science and could be the missing link to harnessing the energy we need to leap ahead of using fossil fuels.

These are very challenging times for the energy industry and the true winners will be those technologies that can help man adapt quickly.  The Active Kinetic 1 technology is said to be extremely low in CO2 production compared to any rival renewable energy on the market today. The technology has named itself as one of the first sustainable energy solutions and due to its low costs, may be more viable than many of the existing renewable energy competitors.

Renewable energy electricity systems are good for the environment and can reduce your utility bills to next to nothing and they could still be considered free electricity. The power and energy for the next generation is an investment to make money, and use electric power generators for selling “Free” electricity back to their electric utility companies, through a system called “net metering”. In 2 years, these free energy generators can create a 100 per cent return on their investment, while proudly contributing to energy conservation.

While companies such as Telsa (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL) have advanced technology, they are relying on electric power for that technology. Active Kinetic 1 have technology that provides an advancement in power that could provide a source of power remotely.

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