The Best Room Management Software – A Complete Review and Pricing

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Room management software is a kind of automation software that will keep all the operations flowing. It is mostly used in the hotel industry and the workspace industry to make the business efficient and more profitable.

In the hotel industry, the software is used to manage the guest list, and data regarding the rooms, and also highlights the features of the room to make your hotel stand unique among others. When it comes to the workspace, it will help to manage the meeting room, book the room based on availability, invite the guest, and other such features.

If you are looking for the best room management software then we have got the best collections for all types of industries.

Best room management software for your business:


EuroIcc is a hotel room management software that comes with flexible options and it is applicable for all kinds of hotels from small to luxurious hotels. The software is designed in such a way that every room has one controller and several room units. Also, in this software, you can easily add the new room requirements.

They also offer a mobile app that helps with room management, room monitoring, staff management, and PMS integration. Here are the features of EuroIcc software;

  • Helps in monitoring the status of the room
  • The software supports the seasonal programming of temperature settings
  • It supports encoding keycards for both staff and guests
  • It possesses an integrated alarm system that will track all the emergencies
  • There is a system log that will track all the events in the hotel
  • The app provides the staff management module

The app is based on a C-series of controllers so it will perform a variety of functions, and is suitable for all kinds of hotel needs.  

2. HotelTalk

HotelTalk is mainly designed for iOS users and depending on the guest’s needs it is easy to find the hotel using this software. This room management software will provide an efficient and innovative way to control the lighting, cooling/heating system, TV, music or radio system, curtains, and other hotel guest services.

Along with this, this software will manage the guest room energy consumption and result in greater guest satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits provided by this software;

  • The app enhances the customer comfort and it provides easy management tools that offer automated solutions for the guest rooms
  • Depending on the activity of the occupant, this software will control the light, temperature, and curtain
  • The system will manage the guest room in different scenarios such as welcome, living, and sleeping settings
  • The setting can be adjusted directly by the guest or by the hotel management

3. Meetio

Meetio sets a new standard for the room management software as it introduces the room-tablet in the year 2014. The software is considered the best as it offers all kinds of industry-leading software solutions for hot-desking, mobile scheduling, wayfinding, and other room management services.

Also, the software is noted for its simplicity, ease of use, and its efficiency. Even though the Meetio software has been launched frequently, still it attracts a lot of business with its smart features. This is mainly for the businesses that are looking for managing the office spaces and room usage. The app starts at $189.00 per feature per year, and there is no free version but you can get a free trial. The app offers excellent customer support as it offers both mobile and chat support.

Some of the best things to note about Meetio:

  • Easy to install
  • The app offers easy ways to do administrate things
  • The design of the software is excellent
  • The app is easy to use
  • You can quickly and easily book the features when you need 15 to 20 minutes or when you are in the fly

4. HotelFriend

HotelFriend is cloud-based room management software and it helps to assist small to medium-sized hotels. Along with the room management service, the software will do all kinds of reservations, online bookings, rate management, guest management, and accounting.

The HotelFriend software has a front-desk module and it centralizes the guest management will all the multi-property hotels. Also, it will provide complete information to the manager about the room’s availability and rate. The software is more helpful to the staff as they can set the packages and update the number of rooms available in the online booking system. 

The app comes for a 30-days trial period and the basic price is £64 per month. This software is considered the all-in-one room management platform for hotels and vacation properties. The hotel business mainly uses the app for housekeeping and concierge services.

The clients can use the app as it is available on both iOS and Android. Even they can use the app for food ordering services, wellness activities, excursions, and all other comfort activities.

5. Operto

Operto is newly launched room management software and the main goal of the software is to bring the aims of guest, manager, and ancillary services together under a single operating system. It is considered the market leader in keyless entry, noise, occupancy, and temperature monitoring services. Also, they have built an effective communication system between the guest, managers, and other service teams.

The best part of Operto is that it will decrease the operation cost and also increase the in-stay revenue opportunities. It will help the guest to contact the manager regarding the property during and after the stay.  

The software is mainly used by the serviced apartments, vacation rentals, hotels, and niche accommodations. This seamless technology will enhance the guest experience.

Bottom Line:

The scope for room management software is increasing in recent times as you can seek exactly what your business needs. You can control all the background activities and the employers or guest list using this software. In every business, there will be hundreds of work but this software will narrow down the list of what is important to you and your business.

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