Bulk Demolition Services – Steps Involved

You might have seen many demolition contractors Vancouver in your locality offering high-quality bulk demolition services at reasonable rates. Have you ever wondered what these bulk demolition services are all about? How do companies carry out successful bulk demolition projects? In this article, we will tell you some of the basic steps involved in bulk demolition services to understand the complete process.

The main steps involved in this process are planning, preparation and demolition. Let us get into the details of each of these stages to know about the sub-processes involved in each of them.


In this stage, the buildings to be demolished are first analyzed to understand the federal laws in place.  The building and the surrounding environment are analyzed in great detail to know if demolition would disturb the neighborhood. Are there any historic landmarks nearby? What do the local laws say about the limit on the noise and dust by-products of demolition? How old or new is the building? What is the purpose of demolition? In the planning stage, the team tries to find answers to these questions, and draft a perfect plan that can help carry out demolition without any hassles.


The sub-processes involved in the preparation stage are hiring the right talent for the right demolitions, a thorough inspection of the buildings, deciding on the budget and planning for contingencies, if any, stocking up on the inventory required for the duration of the project and segregating materials that can be recycled. In this stage, every activity in the demolition process is thoroughly chalked out on paper, so that the implementation can happen without any issues.


Next comes the actual process of demolition. Successful companies have the plan ready with them. So, the only thing that is remaining is the actual implementation! By now, the contractor would have understood what type of demolition he should follow, as he would have studied the building’s structure thoroughly. Bulk demolition companies Vancouver choose from one or a combination of these demolition methods:

  • Selective demolition – This is a method, which involves partial demolition, used mainly for renovation purposes. Some companies also call this reconstruction. In this method, demolition happens only to a part of the building. Bulk demolition companies resort to this method in case of upgrades, extensions and remodeling to the existing building.
  • Implosion – In this method, companies use explosives to bring down a building. Here, explosives are kept at certain key places to shake the structural balance of the building.
  • Excavator demolition – Used most commonly during bulk demolition projects, this method involves the use of excavators to bring down a building. Some of the attachments used with excavators are hydraulic hammers and crushers.
  • Wrecking ball demolition – This was the most commonly used type of demolition earlier, but it is hardly used these days, due to the risks associated with it. Here, a huge wrecking ball is mounted on a crane to bring down a building. However, it is not a safe method, because it creates a lot of dirt and debris, disturbing the environment of the building.

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