Excavation services – Cost and factors that impact the cost

Excavation is an important service that you may require when building something new or renovating an existing structure. The process of excavation is quite complex, and it involves the use of sophisticated equipment. Hence, you cannot do it yourself, unless you are trained for it. It is always best to hire professional land excavation companies Vancouver to get the job done properly without any hassles.

Here, we will give you a broad estimate of the cost you might have to shell out for land excavation services, and the factors that affect the cost. Please note that the cost we provide here is only a rough estimate, not the final figures.

Average cost of land excavation services

In the USA, the cost of land excavation ranges between $1200 to over $4000. This is for medium-sized landscaping projects. The fluctuation is quite huge, because the cost differs in different cities. Small-sized landscaping projects are sometimes available for as low as $500, too. Large-scale excavation projects can go up to the range of $8000 in some urban cities. Please note that these costs might be far lesser if they were DIY projects.

Factors affecting excavation costs

Some of the most common factors that decide the cost of the land excavation project are:

  • Nature of work involved – how much grading, digging and trenching is involved in the project
  • Accessibility of the project – How far is the excavation site from the main areas
  • Scale of the project – Is it small-scale or large-scale? How much soil needs to be removed from the earth
  • Duration of the project- How long does it take to complete the project?
  • Location of the project – difficulty to reach, closeness to uninhabited places and more
  • Time of the year when the excavation takes place – if excavation happens during the winters or rainy season, complexities are more and the cost involved is more
  • The amount of dirt and shrubbery that needs to be removed – how much dirt needs to be removed from the earth and moved to a safe location? The more dirt, the more resources required, and therefore, the more the cost.
  • Use of sophisticated systems to prevent further damage to the soil in terms of erosion – if the site is located in mountainous areas, the soil is more likely to be eroded; hence, more treatment is required
  • Involvement of specialists and excavation experts – How many experts are required to supervise the project?

Land excavation – scope of work

Now that you know about the cost you have to set aside for land excavation, here is something important about the scope of work that you should know about. What exactly is land excavation? The answer to this question will let you know what processes are involved in this scope, and the excluded methods.

Land excavation means moving soil from the earth from one place to another to level the land so that it is easy to construct a new building or renovate an existing building. This process involves the use of heavy & sophisticated equipment to level the land and prevent the soil from getting eroded. For more information and expert advice, do not hesitate to consult professional excavation contractors Vancouver.

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