How to promote social distancing at weddings

socially distanced wedding

The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lesson. No human being is powerful in front of the nature and destiny. But, then – the life cannot wait, and there is always a need to hold the important events such as weddings even during the pandemic. However, isn’t it our responsibility to ensure that the weddings are held by following the protocols? One of the essential protocols one needs to follow at the weddings and similar events is to follow social distancing.

Provide facemasks to your guests

The first ever requirement at a wedding with proper social distancing would be to encourage the attendees to wear masks. One great way that this can be done is to provide your guests with customised masks. You can get them printed with the name of the couple and make them a great option of solidarity of a sort.

Go with the best seating arrangements

Of course, you will need to go with a small guest list for a wedding during the pandemic. But, even with the small guest list, it may be essential to take care to arrange for a proper seating arrangement. The grouping of guests should be socially distanced. Do not hold more than six people per sofa. That way you can ensure that people are comfortable with their loved ones.

Take care of the proper arrangements for transportation

Hiring a proper transportation should be yet another key factor to ensure the proper social distancing. the reliable and socially responsible transportation service providers such as Wedding Limo in Toronto offer you the best possible options for maintaining a proper distancing. You may also opt for the attendants to ensure that the guests are not throwing the precautions and protocols into the air.

Communicate the need for social distancing

Communication is the key and the best way that you can ensure that your guests are following the social distancing norms is to communicatee the exact requirements. You can use signboards and other means to remind the attendees to abide by the rules. You may also have volunteers who can do the needful. Ensure that you are not offending your guests when communicating the ned for social distancing.

Ensure the drinks are served in a proper way

One of the major issues or hurdles one may come across when holding a wedding can be the frequent visits to the bar. It may be quite important to find the ways on how to serve the drinks. A table side beverage service can perhaps be one of the excellent options which reduces contact. It may be a good idea to get in touch with your wedding planner and have a discussion to plan the plating and drinks.

Well, the pandemic has changed the way we attended or hosted the social events. But, ensuring that we are taking the necessary precautions can be helpful in coming up with a great event by almost every count. The tips above should help you in making a beginning in the right direction. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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