How to plan a micro wedding

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The intimate weddings have been one of the common aspects that you would come across these days. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it all the more common to conduct a micro wedding. But, have you ever given a thought to find how to handle a micro wedding, or even how to plan one?

Here are a few tips that should prove to be handy enough in how to plan a micro wedding.

Find the right wedding venue

A micro wedding has one of the prime advantages wherein you need not worry about the venues as small wedding venues are available aplenty. Sine you do not have a large gathering, you would need less space. You can settle down for a boutique restaurant, an art gallery or any historic structure for the purpose.

Invite your closest friends only

The success of a micro wedding lies in inviting a significantly lower number of guests. Make sure that you have invited your closes family members and friends. You can create a guest list together. Be as much discerning as possible with respect to the number of guests.

Get creative with the wedding arrangements

The micro wedding has a smaller number of guests and a smaller space requirement, you stand to have a better opportunity with respect to ensuring quality and innovation. You can put your creativity to a real test and plan for a unique decoration, great menu and of course, a few involved games.

Opt for a wedding planner

A wedding planner can help you achieve better results, since they can help you plan the events in a better manner. If you find planning the events a little overwhelming, the help from a wedding planner can be much helpful in planning it in a better way.

Plan a rewarding wedding reception

If you are holding a micro wedding, it should be one of the practical options to go with the micro reception as well. Since you do not need a huge amount of food and other arrangements, you will have a better flexibility in picking the venue and other requirements. The flexibility offered by the micro wedding can be a real treat to ensure a better functionality.

Make the wedding more personal

Since you have no large group of guests, you would be able to give a few personal touches to the wedding. Handwritten invitations, personalised messages and alerts and innovative place cards are a few innovations that you can opt for.

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